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Dan Bendall writes about equipment for Restaurant Hospitality and is the founder and principal of FoodStrategy, Inc., a leading commercial kitchen design firm. The firm plans kitchens in the hotel, restaurant, college and workplace segments of the industry. In Bendall’s 32 years of foodservice consulting experience, he has designed more than 500 renovation and new-build foodservice projects. He has worked in more 40 countries around the world in a variety of foodservice industry market segments. He has served on various industry panels and as a guest lecturer at Cornell University and Penn State University.

Contact him at dbendall@foodstrategy.com, or by phone, 301-926-8181.

Cool Facts About Ice Makers 
Ice makers have made some great technological strides in recent years. Through a variety of built-in electronics, ice machines are now more energy efficient,
Putting On a Show 
Some believe display cooking is a fad and will soon go the way of leisure suits. I argue that it’s a trend that is here to stay. There is no doubt the wow factor of an open kitchen is a vital part of a restaurant’s overall appeal
Display Cooking Equipment 
I have heard many discussions on the pros and cons of the open or display kitchens now so popular in todays trendy restaurants. Some question whether
Worktables & Shelves: Get organized! 
Worktables and shelving are some of the most basic items of kitchen equipment. This month, well look at various features and how best to spend money on
Food Processors Save Time & Labor 
What operator manager hasnt looked for ways to make the kitchen crews job a bit easier and maybe save a little on labor costs along the way? As far as
Steam Kettles & Braising Pans 
Steam kettles and braising pans are often grouped together in the steam/ cooking equipment category. In actuality, neither uses steam in direct food contact
Ice Makers:The cold facts for selecting the right equipment. 
Ice making equipment is practically a universal need in todays foodservice kitchen. Every operation, no matter what the menu, serves beverages and requires
Buying the Perfect Fryer 
Fried food are as popular as ever. To keep pace with the demand, today's frying equipment offers features that save time and money and help you prepare
The Scrub Down: Recent innovations offer solutions to pot washing 
Possibly the least envied of all foodservice jobs is that of the pot washer. Not only is this hard work, but it is messy, dirty and usually too hot. Employers
Dishwashers: How to Buy the Right One for You. 
A critical piece of equipment lies well out of view of the guest, and is sometimes neglected until it has a problem. The machine and its workspace can
Blast Chillers 
Food safety is an important reason to buy a blast chiller but not the only reason, as many foodservice directors are finding. Blast chillers are not just
Art of Keeping Food Warm 
The right warming equipment helps alleviate two major concernsfood safety and food quality. Whether we are talking about transporting bulk food for a
The Hot New Look of Ranges 
Durability and flexibility have always been the leading factors cooks look for when selecting a range. The leading manufacturers all try to produce tough
Dishwashers and Potwashers 
Its one of your most expensive equipment items but certainly not a glamorous one, nor one chefs rave about. Yet, it is a criticalif not the most criticalpiece
Coffee and Espresso Machines 
These days, coffee is hot in more ways than one. Its estimated that Americans drink more than 300 million cups of coffee a day. But buying a quality coffee

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