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Dan Bendall writes about equipment for Restaurant Hospitality and is the founder and principal of FoodStrategy, Inc., a leading commercial kitchen design firm. The firm plans kitchens in the hotel, restaurant, college and workplace segments of the industry. In Bendall’s 32 years of foodservice consulting experience, he has designed more than 500 renovation and new-build foodservice projects. He has worked in more 40 countries around the world in a variety of foodservice industry market segments. He has served on various industry panels and as a guest lecturer at Cornell University and Penn State University.

Contact him at dbendall@foodstrategy.com, or by phone, 301-926-8181.

soda with ice
It’s time to buy an icemaker for your restaurant 
With the warm weather approaching, be prepared to handle ice demands.
Creating the perfect bar layout 
A great bar doesn’t just offer great drinks; it sells lots of great drinks. Here’s what you need to know about designing a money-making bar setup.
How to buy a steam kettle and braising pan 
You’d think steam kettles and braising pans are only useful in big facilities, but smaller versions are quite useful in indy restaurants.
Consider offering wine on tap 
One of the hottest trends right now involves offering wine, very good wine, on tap. Here’s what you need to know.
The coolest equipment from the 2015 NRA Show 
As RH’s intrepid equipment guy, I scoured the recent NRA Show and found a handful of items that might tickle your fancy.
Consider buying an induction range for your restaurant 
Most top chefs prefer gas ranges to electric. But induction ranges, in many ways, are equal, if not superior to gas in their ability to produce great food.
How to buy waste disposing equipment 
Your kitchen produces a lot of food waste. Several pieces of equipment can grind and wash that waste away responsibly.
How to buy a reach-in refrigerator 
Sure, you’d love all the bells and whistles on your new refrigerator, but if you choose only what you need, you’ll keep your purchase cost to the proper level.
Buying worktables and sinks for your restaurant 
Tables and sinks are not the sexiest things you’ll buy, but they are vital to the efficiency and profitability of any restaurant.
How to buy small prep equipment for your restaurant 
What you need to know to slice it, chop it and dice it
How to buy a restaurant fryer 
If you’re in the market for a fryer, here are some things to consider before you buy.
How to buy a restaurant dishwasher 
Dishwashers are not cheap, but they’ve never been easier or less expensive to operate. Here’s what you need to know.
Getting rid of restaurant food waste 
Dealing with food waste in a way that is economical and environmentally sound is not easy
Equipping your bar for profit 
Carefully chosen equipment and an efficient layout are the keys to productivity in this space.
Purchasing restaurant ranges and cooktops  2
Here’s what you need to know to buy a range and cooktop.
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