Forget the fork and grab a straw. Dessert cocktails—liquid, spirit-infused versions of decadent treats—have grown in popularity with diners. These two-in-one indulgences are a hit with diners looking to have their dessert and an after-dinner drink at a reasonable price, as well as those just looking for something fun and different to end their meal. To satiate the adult sweet tooth, restaurant operators across the globe are serving up a variety of these dessert cocktails. They’re transforming classic desserts into drinkable delights, whipping up martinis flavored like Pumpkin Pie, Bananas FosterCheesecake and Black Forest Cake. Bartenders are also getting creative by mixing up signature dessert drinks such as the Sangria Slushie and the Bourbon Cinnamon Milkshake. While diners balk at ordering a second piece of cake or pie, they aren’t afraid to indulge in a second round of after-dinner drinks. So add a few of these sweet meal-ending treats to your menu. It’s as easy as—and more profitable than—pie.