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Trendinista: Nitro coffee is the cool new brew
Whether you create nitro cold coffee in-house or buy a ready-to-drink version, it will make your beverage program hip in a hurry.
Minimum wage boost apt to squeeze indy operators more
Minimum wage increases have outsized effect on the profitability of independent casual restaurants.
Amy's Kitchen brand opens fast-casual concept
Supplier specializes in artificial ingredient- and GMO-free food
Chill thrill: A new ice age dawns in bars
The latest ice-making technology—including cubes made of booze—could make drinks served on the rocks more profitable.
World’s 50 Best Restaurants: Troubles at the Top
Uh oh. The organization behind the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List had to bring in outside accountants to demonstrate that 2015‘s voting was on the up and up.
Trendinista: Waco incident underscores need for adequate liability coverage 
The recent deadly biker shootout in Texas underscores the need to make sure your restaurant is protected against any even remotely similar event.
How restaurants can deter old-school theft  1
With the “Fight for $15” movement targeting foodservice employees, now might be a good time to adopt a “trust but verify” approach to loss prevention.
How one restaurant scored by embracing Instagram users 
An operator learns to love, or at least make a little money from, food-selfie fans.
Trendinista: Overtime rule change would impact many restaurant managers  1
Restaurant operators will have to rethink how they pay their salaried workers when the U.S. Department of Labor issues new rules that govern overtime pay later this year.
$15 minimum wage could leave operators sleepless in Seattle 
Restaurants aren’t just hit with higher labor costs when the minimum wage increases. There’s plenty of collateral damage, too.
Trendinista: Do social media rankings trump a Beard Award? 
Beard Award winners barely register on a new Top 50 restaurant list that uses social media data to produce its rankings.
All-male Hooters knockoff: Will the dudes abide? 
Tallywackers could become one of the hottest concepts to hit the industry in years.
Tips to craft a winning wine list 
Ace sommeliers say your wine program will be more profitable and popular when these seven styles aren’t part of it.
Menu Moves: Chipotle customers asking, 'Where’s the carnitas?' 
Patrons balk when a shortage of humanely raised pork puts the fast casual giant’s commitment to sustainable sourcing to the test.
How one California restaurant is dealing with the drought  1
An innovative California chef has come up with an alternative dishwashing procedure that cuts his kitchen’s water usage by 80 percent.
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