Last month, we were tasked with finding out what’s next in social media marketing. We asked a dozen chefs, operators and marketers and came to this conclusion: No one really knows. Everyone had answers to our questions, but no one claimed to have the right ones. We heard a lot of, “this is how I do it,” or “there may be a better way,” or even something as matter of fact as “I’m just making it up as I go.”

The truth? Social media is evolving so quickly and in so many different directions that it’s hard to follow. Facebook is just days past 10 years old, Twitter is almost eight and Instagram only three. Snapchat isn’t even a year old, and the next big thing is probably still swirling around in the mind of a 19-year-old student at MIT.

What we did discover? You’re not alone. There are many chefs and operators out there doing the best they can, using social media for fun, marketing, customer service, hiring, inspiration and more. Some spend hours online, others just minutes. Some use Twitter, others like Instagram.

We took our #RHSocialSurvey to Twitter, hoping to find more best practices that could help others improve their social media efforts. Here are some of the best, and funniest, responses we got, all in 140 characters or less: