Winner: Black and Bleu Tuna

Restaurant: Mr. Fish Seafood Restaurant, Myrtle Beach, SC

Sandwich Creator: Chef/co-owner Sheina Hammerman

Inspiration: The restaurant also features a seafood market where customers can buy an assortment of fresh, uncooked seafood. The sandwich represents the possibilities one can achieve with the product.

Key Ingredients: An 8-ounce fresh, seasoned tuna steak cooked to the preferred temperature of the customer, topped with melted bleu cheese and house-made remoulade, as well as house-made blackberry wasabi sauce. It’s served on a fresh roll with spinach, tomato and lemon.

Price: $10

Food Cost: $2.12

What Others Have Said: The Black and Bleu Tuna was featured as the Sandwich of the Week at

What the Judges Said: “It’s not often you see a sandwich prepared using fresh tuna that is cooked to temperature. And some might argue that it would be a shame to mess with its purity, but those know-it-alls have not likely eaten a fresh tuna sandwich with blackberry wasabi. It’s evil-genius good and worth a ransom of one million dollars!”

Honorable Mentions

Salmon Croque Monsieur by Francois Payard at FP Patisserie, New York City

Dungeness Crab Huarache by executive chef Chris Mortenson of La Condesa Napa Valley, Saint Helena, CA