As the Affordable Care Act rolls out, how to finance those new costs is a top concern for many restaurant owners. A multiunit restaurant owner from Washington, D.C., shared his company's cost-cutting and revenue-increasing strategy to pay for the new coverage, while other operators are adopting the San Francisco model of tacking surcharges onto bills. Another concern — staying relevant to diners — is driving a number of chains to change their tactics to attract Millennials. Another group restaurants need to attract? Workers. With a net 38,000 new jobs in May, the industry is leading the jobs recovery. Finally, one New York City restaurant has solved the age-old tipping dilemma by putting its servers on salary and banishing tips.

Chains try to woo a younger generation. Millennials aren't eating out like previous generations. (The New York Times)

Restaurant brainstorms how to afford Obamacare. Clyde's Restaurant Group in Washington, D.C., grapples with the changes the Affordable Care Act will bring. (NPR)

More restaurants tacking on healthcare surcharges Sign of the times: Some restaurants have found a way to pass along the cost of mandatory health benefits. (Consumer Traveler)

Restaurant hiring booms. The restaurant industry is creating jobs at twice the rate of the overall economy. (Wall Street Cheat Sheet)

New York restaurant bans tips. Diners don't know what to make of a sushi restaurant's new policy banning tips. (ABC News)