Some 40 New York City operators have filed a $150 million lawsuit challenging the city's health department letter grades. In healthcare news, the mandated coverage that will go into effect soon may not have the desired impact, since a loophole allows employers to offer staff high-priced options that they may not be able to afford. The Cheesecake Factory is planning to grow again. On the menu, high-end chefs are using lighter ingredients to serve consumer trends for healthful options. And Amtrak has enlisted leading chefs to revamp the food served on its trains.

Restaurants sue NYC health department. Forty owners allege that the city's grading system is unconstitutional. (New York Post)

Coverage may be unaffordable for low-wage workers.Federally mandated affordable healthcare coverage may not be so affordable for many restaurant employees. (Associated Press/Yahoo)

The Cheesecake Factory eases back into growth. The chain's winning formula of indulgence for the masses has pushed its stock nearly to an all-time high and fueled expansion plans. (Los Angeles Times)

Fine dining cuts the fat. High-end chefs are opting for more healthful ingredients. (The Wall Street Journal)

Amtrak gets gourmet advice. The rail agency has hired esteemed chefs to revamp the food it serves on its trains. (Washington Post)