Should back-of-house employees share in the tip pool?

Is it fair that servers make more than the kitchen staff? One Restaurant Hospitality reader asked for solutions to that historic dilemma and spurred a lively debate. What do you think?

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on Sep 6, 2013

No one should share in the customer's tip A tip is the customer's private propery.. Customers should have every ability to tip whom-ever they want to tip. No one should be deciding for them who their tip belongs to.

If a tip doesn't belong solely to the person who the customer presented his tip to, then what evidence is there to determine who else might be entitled to a share? Likewise what evidence is there to determine how the customer's tip should be divied up. If tips are regarded as belonging to others, besides the individual who received the tip, what evidence exists to determine what portion each is entitled to? The truth of the matter is, if tips are regarded as not belonging solely to the individual who was given such tips, then there exists no other evidence to substatiate how the tips should be appropriated.

The bottom line is, customers should be the ones deciding who their tip belongs to. The only way to insure that cusotmers retain their right to determine who their tip belongs to is to view tips a belonging solely to the individual to whom they have been presented. Any other way simply creates confusion and unresolvable issues.

on Oct 22, 2013

I am in TOTAL agreement! Back of the house employees are hired to do a job. If they perform well they should be additionally compensated by the management. On days they don't perform do they get docked? Waitstaff either performs well or accepts the consequences of their lesser gratuity. If they (back of the house staff) want to have part of a gratuity they should apply for a wait staff position and they will be given gratuities according to their efforts. Meanwhile, let the wait staff's gratuities alone!

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