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Chocolate lends itself to countless preparations, but if you’re seeking something new, consider Travel by Chocolate, a challenge that Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts threw out to its pastry chefs around the world. The creative chefs came back with a Maple Pretzel Marshmallow (chocolate-coated homemade maple marshmallow coated in pretzel crumbs), Chocolate-Dipped Coconut and Tamarind Samosa and the Hermes Malibu Mudslide, an adult hot chocolate spiked with coconut rum and local Tcho white chocolate.

Chocolate fondue is always on the menu at Melting Pot Restaurants, an even more compelling reason to visit the chain in February. The chain’s dessert choices include the Flaming Turtle, Chocolate S’mores and Yin & Yang, a dramatic juxtaposition of dark and white varieties. Chocolate fondue sales get a pre-Valentine’s Day jumpstart with National Chocolate Fondue Day (really), Feb. 5.