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Michael Sanson took over as editor-in-chief of Restaurant Hospitality magazine the same year Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry’s ashes were launched into space and Paul McCartney was knighted Sir Paul by the Queen. Since then he’s been writing about his restaurant experiences in an editorial currently called Sanson Sez. His column has elicited all forms of love and hate, which are documented on our letters page, Back Talkin’.
If you have a beef with his opinions or want to share a little love, email Mike. The best of your comments will appear in Back Talkin’.

Jonathon Sawyer surprises with high-end Trentina 
The James Beard-nominated chef surprises his fans with a new fine-dining, tasting-menu concept.
What grates on your bar customers 
Two things are happening at bars all over the country that grate on your customers and me
Rising Stars: Jennifer Yee 
Yee’s flavors are a revelation
Katie Button: An unlikely chef stakes her claim 
Katie Button is an unlikely chef in an unlikely restaurant town
Strategic moves, passion build strong restaurants 
Despite intense competition, smart restaurant operators can succeed and thrive with a smart game plan, said several multiconcept operators at MUFSO.
Are cell phones slowing restaurant service?  3
A New York restaurant operator says customers who take photos of their food are slowing service
Mixologist adds smoke to cocktails 
At Bottlefork in Chicago, head barkeep Brandon Phillips has created a terrific cocktail menu
2014 RH 25: The coolest multi-concept companies 
Some of the smartest people in the land are running multi-concept restaurant companies that repeatedly demonstrate how to deliver the sizzle with the steak.
Restaurant operators renew focus on service 
While in Chicago recently, I was blown away by how congenial hostesses, servers and others were in the restaurants I visited
Rising Stars: Trevor Moran 
The chef was tasked with taking Nashville's Catbird Seat to the next level
When restaurants should respond to customer comments 
If one is going to ask the question, shouldn’t he or she be prepared to take some action based on the answer?
Do guns belong in restaurants?  6
How would you handle a new law allowing customers to carry guns into your restaurant?
One space, two faces works for Chicago's Paris Club 
Faced with a restaurant that was losing steam, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises divided its sprawling Paris Club restaurant into two concepts.
Sean Kenyon: Born to be a bar man 
“Our staff works their asses off every day to make people happy and to make them an excellent cocktail—in that order,” Kenyon says.
Why your bartenders' service should be top-notch 
It’s all about doing the simple things right—the blocking and tackling
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