Michael Sanson


Michael Sanson took over as editor-in-chief of Restaurant Hospitality magazine the same year Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry’s ashes were launched into space and Paul McCartney was knighted Sir Paul by the Queen. Since then he’s been writing about his restaurant experiences in an editorial currently called Sanson Sez. His column has elicited all forms of love and hate, which are documented on our letters page, Back Talkin’.
If you have a beef with his opinions or want to share a little love, email Mike. The best of your comments will appear in Back Talkin’.

Ryan DePersio, Chef/Owner, Fascino, Montclair, NJ 
At a time when too many kids coming out of culinary school expect to be celebrity chefs, the really talented cooks simply get down to business. Consider
Don't Let the Food Police Portray You Badly 
The food police have surfaced again, this time in New York City where a proposed ban would require all 20,000 restaurants there to remove most artificial
Do You Have the Answers Your Customers Seek? 
Several weeks back, an investigation of tuna served in Chicago restaurants found that 70 percent of tuna sushi samples tested were contaminated with mercury.
Adam Votaw, Executive Chef, Chispa, Coral Gables, FL 
No matter how much time, effort and money you throw at a restaurant, it's nothing more than an inanimate object until you and your staff breathe life
Kate Neumann, Pastry Chef, mk, Chicago, IL 
The game is tied and there are three seconds left on the clock. The field goal kicker, who has stayed out of the fray for most of the game, must now deliver.
Tough Times Are Ahead For The Casual Sector 
Most economic industry forecasts in January predicted a solid year ahead. But as I write this column in late August, the sweet spot of the restaurant
David LeFevre, Chef, Water Grill, Los Angeles, CA 
Back in February, Michael Cimarusti, who put L.A.'s Water Grill on the map, was featured on the cover of this magazine when he left to open Providence,
Is The Person Answering Your Phone Hurting You? 
Every month on this page it's my duty to express my opinion about something important in the industry. But I'm way too opinionated to be limited to once
Randy Evans, Executive Chef, Brennan's, Houston. TX 
Have you noticed that many chefs today are as mentally sharp as the knives they wield? Consider executive chef Randy Evans. Long before he took over the
The FDA Wants You To Act Like A Parent 
I've mentioned this quote before, but it bears repeating. It comes from the great New York City restaurateur Joe Baum. "The restaurant industry is a soft
Let's Dance, Jose! 
WHAT'S CHILLIN: Vitasoy Soy Milk Organic Orange Juice Dom Perignon Rose 1995 vintage Fresh Spanish Mackerel Fillet School Yard Sugar Bush Maple Syrup
Chicago Chefs Are Honked Off About the Foie Gras Ban 
Last month I had a great meal with friends at MK restaurant in Chicago. Usually, when I'm dining with compadres we'll just order a bunch of stuff and
Michael Psilakis, Chef, Dona, New York, NY 
Donatella Arpaia put herself on the culinary map several years ago when she opened her first New York City restaurant, Bellini. But when she later teamed
You May Not Know It, But You're a Star, Baby! 
Is it possible that you restaurant folk have achieved rock-star status? You're getting there. When I began covering this industry 20 years ago the public
Gavin Kaysen, Chef de Cuisine, El Bizcocho, San Diego, CA 
Some people stumble through life searching for a purpose, while others are on a mission from a ridiculously young age. Gavin Kaysen falls into the later
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