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Michael Sanson took over as editor-in-chief of Restaurant Hospitality magazine the same year Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry’s ashes were launched into space and Paul McCartney was knighted Sir Paul by the Queen. Since then he’s been writing about his restaurant experiences in an editorial currently called Sanson Sez. His column has elicited all forms of love and hate, which are documented on our letters page, Back Talkin’.
If you have a beef with his opinions or want to share a little love, email Mike. The best of your comments will appear in Back Talkin’.

Is It Time to Replace the Tipping System? 
Most of you have probably seen reports that superchef Thomas Keller has done away with the tipping system at his New York City restaurant, Per Se. He's
Jake Linzinmeir, Chef/Owner, Chair 8, Telluride, CO 
You think you've got it rough? Try running a restaurant in a ski town. The seasonal business is murder and keeping good help is, to say the least, challenging.
Business Meals Are a Legitimate Deduction 
There are not many people who use your restaurants more than I do. For purposes of this editorial I've been keeping a log lately about my reasons for
Jeremy Grandon, Chef/Owner, Jeremy Restaurant & Bar, Keego Harbor, MI 
Over the years we've featured several Rising Stars who've served only one master and then gone on to great things. In this case, Jeremy Grandon, after
Mercury Rising 
SMOKIN' GROWTH: This barbecue concept is a primary growth vehicle for Darden Restaurants. CHINESE HIP: P.F. Chang's does not look like the Chinese restaurants
Can You Live Without Your 15 Minutes of Fame? 
Every now and then I'll read an article about how the whole celebrity chef phenomenon is imploding or, at the very least, wearing thin. The writers will
Paul Virant, Chef, Vie, Western Springs, IL 
In one of America's great restaurant cities, Paul Virant was connected. He toiled with giants in some of Chicago's most exciting restaurants, including
Chris Fernandez, Chef, Poggio, San Francisco, CA 
Two years ago a legend came knocking on the door of Chris Fernandez, and the young chef was smart enough to open the door. Larry Mindel, after decades
Another Tax On Food? Enough Is Enough! 
In the April issue, I wrote about a recent Federal appeals court decision that reversed the dismissal of a suit against McDonald's for allegedly contributing
Michael Bloise, Chef, Wish, Miami Beach, FL 
Like great sports teams, some restaurants have a tradition of excellence year after year, no matter who comes and goes. Take, for example, Wish restaurant
Think of Them as Well-Bred Mom & Pop Restaurants 
MICHAEL SANSON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF If you go to this month's Book Report on page 46 you'll find a review of Phil Romano's book Food for Thought. He is one
You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water? 
This country has always been about freedom. So, when the so-called obesity lawsuits surfaced a few years back, most were incensed. After all, Americans
Brian Bistrong, Chef, The Harrison, New York, NY 
You can make an argument about the need to push the culinary envelope with foams, fried mayonnaise and edible menus. But even culinary cliff divers who
Your Customers Want to Know How You Handle Tips 
Who would have ever guessed a tip jar would create so much controversy, but that's exactly what has happened here in Cleveland recently. The brouhaha,
Emmanuel Villaran, Chef, Andina, Portland, OR 
America's taste for ethnic food is ravenous. But could it be that John Q Public is ready for Peruvian food? Yes, according to Bon Appetit, which recently

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