Michael Sanson


Michael Sanson took over as editor-in-chief of Restaurant Hospitality magazine the same year Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry’s ashes were launched into space and Paul McCartney was knighted Sir Paul by the Queen. Since then he’s been writing about his restaurant experiences in an editorial currently called Sanson Sez. His column has elicited all forms of love and hate, which are documented on our letters page, Back Talkin’.
If you have a beef with his opinions or want to share a little love, email Mike. The best of your comments will appear in Back Talkin’.

Steven Greene 
A few months back, Steven Greene returned from a several-week cooking gig with Thomas Keller at the French Laundry in Napa. The two had met months earlier
Top 10 Growth Chains 2008 
Certainly you don't need to be told how tough it is out there in restaurant land. By many accounts, making ends meet hasn't been this difficult in decades.
Audrey Saunders 
I have to have a martini. Two at the very most. After three I'm under the table, after four I'm under the host. Dorothy Parker This saucy quote was often
Handling Tips and Crisis Situations 
Some time back a friend who runs several restaurants explained how he collects a large chunk of tips given to his coat checkers. He said the coat check
Jackson Cannon 
Imagine yourself in a Parisian bar sipping a Jack Rose while awaiting a romantic interlude. It's easy to do with the help of Ernest Hemingway, who describes
Make A Choice: Food or Fuel? 
Since the last issue of this magazine hit the streets, dramatic scenes of flooding in the Midwest have dominated daily newscasts. Countless homes have
Curtis Duffy 
It happens all the time. A star chef who has brought fame and fortune to a restaurant moves on. It's a bad place to be if you're the owner of an abandoned
Fighting The Credit Card Companies 
A few weeks back a House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on proposed legislation that would prevent credit card companies from imposing transaction
Clay Conley 
At Azul in Miami's Mandarian Oriental, the open kitchen operates at a controlled, yet frenetic pace as customers relax in a zen-like setting of Asian
John Kinder 
There's been a buzz in Chicago about this mixologist dude who's been creating a scene at MK, which has long been known for its food because of chef/owner
Barton Seaver 
At a time when many are talking about saving the planet, Washington, DC, chef Barton Seaver is walkin' the walk. Several months back, the Blue Ocean Institute,
If Ted’s Right, Try a Knuckle Sandwich 
Last month, former media mogul and restaurateur Ted Turner explained during an interview with PBS’s Charlie Rose that in 30 or 40 years no crops will grow because of global warming.
Camber Lay 
Take a look at that face! It's the future of mixology. Yeah, we know that's a fancy-ass moniker for bartending, but Camber Lay (that's her name, and what
What Are You Doing to Survive? 
Last month, the Feds made another big move to cut interest rates with the hope of jump-starting a stagnant economy that has consumers skittish. In fact,
Jonathon Sawyer 
When Jonathon Sawyer talks about the lamb he gets from a small farm just miles from his Cleveland restaurant, you'll be reminded of Tom Hanks in Big.
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