Michael Sanson


Michael Sanson took over as editor-in-chief of Restaurant Hospitality magazine the same year Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry’s ashes were launched into space and Paul McCartney was knighted Sir Paul by the Queen. Since then he’s been writing about his restaurant experiences in an editorial currently called Sanson Sez. His column has elicited all forms of love and hate, which are documented on our letters page, Back Talkin’.
If you have a beef with his opinions or want to share a little love, email Mike. The best of your comments will appear in Back Talkin’.

Mixology Takes A Leap Ahead 
Remember the first time you had a margarita made with premium tequila, Cointreau and real lime juice? It probably dawned on you that every margarita you
Whats It Going to Take to Fix Boston Market? 
By now youve heard the news that McDonalds has sold off Boston Market, the 630-unit chain that pioneered home meal replacement with its roast chicken
Gabriel Rucker, Executive Chef, Le Pigeon, Portland, OR 
There's something deliciously rebellious about the culinary scene in Portland, OR. Let's just say you may not find as many CIA graduation certificates
Two Tough Women For Tough Economic Times 
August is our annual issue to single out growth chains, particularly the ones that have excelled despite all the odds. This year is particularly interesting
Robbie Lewis, Chef, Bacar, San Francisco, CA 
You want to know the secret to life? It's about balance. It works for people, it works for restaurants. Consider, for example, Bacar in San Francisco.
The Trials and Tribulations of Running a Restaurant 
Remember all the hubbub last year over legislation to force restaurants to remove trans fats from menu items? Well, the July 1 deadline to begin enforcement
Paley's Got the Proof 
This is a restaurant at the crossroads of New York style and Louisville grace, but what makes Proof an important restaurant is its food, and for that
Can You Make it Healthy and Taste Great? 
This month's issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine is reporting on a Healthy Menu Study that concludes, in part, that most restaurant chain
San Francisco's Big Apple 
In an industry where chefs seemingly change jobs as often as they change dirty aprons, smart restaurant owners often give top chefs a piece of the action
Think of Customers First and Your Banker Second 
Every year this magazine stages its Concepts of Tomorrow Conference, which was created to help up-and-coming restaurant concepts grow into powerhouse
These Aren't Granny's Desserts 
On the dessert menu at Varietal in New York City there's not a snowball's chance in hell you'll find anything your grandmother ever made. No, pastry chef
Will You Stand Up to a Bad Restaurant Review? 
Did you catch Jeffrey Chodorow's full-page ad in the New York Times? Chodorow is the owner of New York City-based multiunit restaurants China Grill and
Blackbird's New Flight Plan 
When Food & Wine named Paul Kahan one of America's Best Chefs in 1999, his restaurant Blackbird was already beginning to secure its legendary status in
Fighting it Out in the Trenches 
In this current issue, you'll find a report on the state of the restaurant industry (page 41). It's something we do every year to gauge how you and industry
What's Next On The Food Police Agenda? 
A friend the other day said to me "Hey, you should open a restaurant!" That was about the thousandth time someone has said that to me because they know
Penton Restaurant Group

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