Michael Sanson

Splashy Cocktails 
It's often difficult to determine if the latest thing is merely a fad or an enduring trend. Eventually, time sorts it out for you. Consider, for example,
Marc Vidal 
It wasn't long ago that two of America's great destination cities Miami and Las Vegas were short on great dining options.
Customers Who Just Won't Leave 
Several of my recent columns have considered the customer experience or, more specifically, my experience in your restaurants. And from the bottom of
Should You Ban Food Photography? 
By now you've probably noticed that I spend a lot of time (and money) in your restaurants as a customer. I do so because it's simply what I like to do.
Gregory Pugin 
New York City's Veritas does as good a job as any restaurant at creating an atmosphere where customers are comfortable ordering wine
This Ain't No Stinkin' Party! 
I recently visited a new restaurant where a group of friends (six of us) were getting together for a birthday. I'm always wary of group gatherings at
The Domino Affect: Time to Change 
By now I'm sure you've seen the new Domino's Pizza commercial. It centers on changes the company has made to its product in response to customer comments.
Jeremiah Bacon 
Bacon is connecting with what he knows best: Lowcountry cuisine
State of the Industry 2010 The New Basics 
DO YOU REALLY NEED TO BE TOLD HOW AWFUL THE ECONOMY WAS LAST YEAR? We didn't think so. And despite small signs of hope on the economic horizon, the truth
Do You Really Need A Boob Tube? 
A friend got back from London recently and was amazed at how the art of conversation still lives in the pubs and restaurants there. It didn't matter that
Liza Shaw 
The departure of a star chef can sink a ship, but not at A16.
What Will You Do To Gain An Edge? 
A few weeks back Advertising Age honored what it deems are the year's top brands because of their innovation. Two restaurant names made the list: Panera
Michael Fiorelli 
How fortunate to be the chef of Mar'sel, a gorgeous restaurant perched upon a bluff overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean. It's as if Chef Michael
Michael Mina Wins the Melman Award 
A not-so funny thing happened on the way to this year's Melman Award ceremony: recipient Michael Mina got mugged by the flu. But the star chef and restaurateur
Servers and Cell Phones: Not Good 
A friend told me recently how dismayed he was with his daughter, who thought it was okay to send text messages on her cell phone during a funeral ceremony.
Penton Restaurant Group

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