Gail Bellamy


Gail Bellamy
Executive Food Editor
Restaurant Hospitality
Phone: 216-931-9573
Follow Gail on Twitter: @GailBellamyRH

Gail Bellamy, Ph.D., CCP, executive food editor, has been writing about food and beverage trends for Restaurant Hospitality since the 1990s. She has maintained her Certified Culinary Professional status through the International Association of Culinary Professionals since 1999, received numerous journalism awards for her food and beverage writing, and served three terms on the board of the International Foodservice Editorial Council. She is an IFEC past president and recipient of its Betty Bastion Award for Outstanding Service.

While at Restaurant Hospitality, Gail also earned a Ph.D. in creative writing, taught food-related courses as an adjunct at The Mississippi University for Women Culinary Arts Institute and elsewhere, and hosted her own food radio program for several years. She is the author of six books and coauthor of The Vegetable Storybook, which won a Best in the U.S. 2010 Gourmand World Cookbook Award.

Morning Wake Up Call 
Breakfast has evolved into a meal that ranges from grab-and-go options to fare for splurge occasions. If you're serving customers who consider it their
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With consumers embracing the idea of appetizers and searching for value in their restaurant experiences, small plates offer big profit potential. Our
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Dessert menus today have been taking on more personality. Consider The Brazilian at Perennial in Chicago, which combines a brown butter cake with cachaca
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If the idea of appearing on television to promote your restaurant or new cookbook gives you the heebie-jeebies, if you turn down offers of speaking engagements
For Starters 
Appetizers these days offer a menu double-whammy, answering the customers' demands for small tastes of luxury items while providing you with a showcase
Cool Salads 
When your customers think of healthful foods, salads are probably among the first items that come to mind. Add to that the fact that today's salads feature
High Steaks 
For many customers, steaks elevate the dining experience. Steak can be a splurge food for celebrations, or a more frugal menu choice, depending on portion
Bowl League: Hot Stuff 
Soup is said to have been the first menu item offered in public restaurants. And while it might be food history in a bowl, soup is also every bit as trendy
Delicious Daybreak 
Many customers say breakfast is their favorite meal of the day. That's understandable, when you consider ideas like the ones several chefs have shared

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