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Predictable scheduling movement gaining momentum 1
Activists now focus on when restaurant employees have to work as much as on the wages paid to them while working.
Non-GMO menu items can earn higher markups
A new study finds customers will pay extra to eat restaurant meals free of genetically modified ingredients.
Meal kit growth not hurting restaurants—yet
Although consumers care deeply about the food they put on the table at home, they don’t necessarily want to cook it themselves.
Trendinista: New sports concepts guarantee smash hits
The paddle sport restaurant segment—yes, there is one—is ready to serve up significant returns.
Restaurants that ban Trump, cops prompt backlash
Experts say restaurant owners who flaunt their political positions, however heartfelt, will alienate many customers. Their advice: Stay publicly neutral.
Kevin Durant's OKC departure leaves namesake restaurant in lurch
The beloved NBA superstar’s departure from OKC creates serious issues for the local restaurant ventures he endorsed.
Where to find on-trend wine bargains online
A free user-friendly tool helps operators identify affordable, highly rated versions of the wines consumers crave most.
Study examines pros, cons of no-tip policy 1
A top researcher examines the waitstaff compensation conundrum from a restaurant owner’s perspective.
Study: most restaurant apps fail to connect 1
Consumers have yet to fall in love with restaurant apps. Many operators share their sentiments.
Update: food cost climate continues to improve
Earlier forecasts that predicted highly favorable wholesale food pricing throughout 2016 may have understated the case.
Food travel
Foodies: the tourists you want to trap
Culinary travel is on the upswing, its practitioners spend freely on food and 71 percent are specifically looking to eat at local restaurants that serve regional or local cuisine.
Is it a seller’s market for restaurants?
The next generation of restaurant owners might differ demographically from the current crop, but their motivations for ownership are the same.
Anti-obesity forces eye small chains, independents

Given new CDC reports showing the U.S. obesity epidemic continues unabated, even the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association is saying it’s time to try a new direction. Among the ideas being floated: increased scrutiny of independent and small chain restaurant menu offerings and downsized portions for all.

Moe’s Southwest Grill shakes up brand rankings
A brand strong enough to drive current and future purchasing behavior is a restaurant operator’s best friend.
Bone broth from Broth Bar
Bone broth trend stuck on simmer
Given the torrent of publicity bone broth received in 2015, you’d think more restaurants would have it on their menus by now. Few do, despite the drink’s hefty margins and its still-growing consumer base. If you’re looking for an under-exploited specialty category where there’s little competition, bone broth could be it.
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